for the Grand Theft Auto PC game

What is GTACars?

GTACars is a third party editing tool for GTA 1. It allows alteration of the physics and graphics in Grand Theft Auto.

It was launched in 1997 and sparked a large community interested in modifying their copy of GTA. It was primarily sold as Shareware and it was licensed by RockStar during the creation of the GTA: London and other mission packs.

Why did we build GTACars?

GTA 1 was launched in the era prior to games coming with customization tools from the original developer. Our intention was to develop a sprite editor for the 24bit color files in the Grand Theft Auto PC game and GTACars for Windows 95 is the result. It seems we succeeded:

"Keep up the good work. Your editor is much more advanced than anything we had when we were actually developing GTA !"

         - DMA Design

"If it wasn't for you, we'd all be using the cars that came with the game!"

         - GTA Cars user

What exactly does GTACars do?

For cars you can adjust all the vehicle physics settings. For example, weight, speed, braking, turning quickness and audio aspects. You can also adjust the color variations that appear in the game after cars are resprayed.

For sprites you can export graphics and edit them in your preferred editing program (like GIMP or PhotoShop). You can also edit the deltas, these are the sirens, doors, and crash marks.

For tiles you can export/import their graphics as well as automatically rebuild their three brightness palettes.

Is there a tutorial for GTACars?

Valdez, San Andreas Car Impound released a tutorial years back. A copy is probably searchable through Google.

Is there a FAQ for GTACars?

Questions? Difficulties? Here is the Frequently Asked Questions list.

What kind of cool things can I do with GTACars?

Drive the Boat, Chopper, or Model Car: Exchange model numbers between regular cars.

KeyStone Cops: Exchange the model number of the Bug with the Squad Car.

Clicky-clack car: Take the tank sounds and put them on a car.

Armor plating: Take your favorite car, crank up the damage factor and moment to make it tougher.

Ice Racing: Set the Mass of a car to 50.

Drive your car from the roof: set the convertible flag to 1 on a hard top car.

The Death Blossom: Set Moment to 100, and Tyre Adhesion_X to -0.3 Sneak up on the car in the game, be careful not to bump it with another car. Get in but watch out, it may be a one-way ticket ride!

Toyota stuck gas pedal simulation: set Tyre Adhesion_Y to -0.1

The oddly fast Beetle: Set Thrust to 30

Land Mine: Change the graphics of a car to a mine. Change the max velocity so it can't move. And reduce the damage (or other related settings) that will make it blow on impact!

Color Changer: Build new crash deltas so that after the car is hit from every side, the car's color is changed.

Palette Hack: Modify a car so that it has numbers or stripes after a respray.


I have spent many, many hours building what you're using here. Please enjoy the program and give credit for my time in anything you produce.



GTACars3.2.3.R (patch)

By downloading the software you acknowledge and you agree to the license agreement provided.

Key Features of version 3.2

  1. Improved Remaping Tab.

  2. Automatic Remaping when imported sprite has different palette.

  3. Display/Edit 'missing' animated tiles.

Key Features of version 3.1 Registered

  1. Quickly import BMP files without having to find the sprite manually.

  2. Ability to change where the character gets into the car door.

  3. Easily change car names in english.fxt.

Key Features 3.1 Shareware

  1. New, context sensitive online help!

  2. Ability to edit cars, sprites, and tiles.