The tool bar buttons have an odd size?

Check that your Windows_Settings_ControlPannel_Display_Settings. I also recommend you set to FONT SIZE SMALL and use a 800x600 desktop.

How did you make a program like GTA Cars - I want to be a programmer!

I'm glad to have inspired you! You can program too with some experimentation, research on the internet, and education. Make sure you check out the programming sources on the internet, and try to understand all source code and examples you can find. This includes the examples that come with your compiler and the available Microsoft SDKs(Software Developement Kits).

The Saucer Cop is cool, but hard to control. Also how do I uninstall it.

I was thinking this too just after I made it... and then I wondered... how do aliens drive so well?

You can copy the original style001.g24 file back on from the CD.


go into dos mode an type

cd \gta\gtadata

binpatch style001.g24 saucer.pat -0

After importing a car to a STYLE.G24 file some cars have weird colors.

ReMaps are the technical name for the 6 unparked-car and 6 resprayed-car color variations. When you import a car and you have changed the palette, only the main entry is modified. There are actually 12 more palettes! You must go to Edit_Car and reset each of the ReMap


Is it possible to make the helicopter fly?

You may have already hacked the mission.ini to allow you to place a chopper so you can drive it. But can you fly it? Sort-of, you can drive it...

You can use GTACars to swap the model number between the chopper and some other car.  Or for that matter between the Boat and a regular car, or the Model Car and a regular car.

If you want to "fly" the chopper... Edit the chopper's width to 4, height to 4, and depth to 32 (or even higher).  You will be able to pseudo-fly over things (sometimes through them).

Note: to drive the Chopper you need to add model 88 - Chopper to the FXT file.

(Google for FXT2TXT, and TXT2FXT). Also don't mess with the cops when you're driving a car without doors, as when to cop goes to grab you and the game can't find a door on these "cars", it will crash the game.

I created a new car with a chrome color bumper, but the re-mapped color versions have oddly colored bumpers.

Use shades of grey for things you don't want resprayed.  (ie R=G=B). Check out the Bug's bumpers for reference.

My newly imported car has a black background color included.

Consider your transparency color! You must insure that the color you intend to be transparent is the first color in the bmp's palette. See the documentation for your graphics editor.

How do I load the GTA Palette?

The sprite.BMP file you have exported already contains a palette.

For the 8bit file, this is the one and only GTA palette.

For the 24bit file it is the sprite's particular 8bit palette.

Note that all sprites are imported and exported into GTACARS as 8bit BMP files.

After loading a car the the colors are all messed up.

Palettes are a difficult issue with GTACARS, it has more to do with your knowledge of palettes and how to modify and use them in your graphics editor than anything else. Follow this general procedure using your own Graphics Editing Software:

(8BIT)   [How to retain the GTA Palette]

-Load the original sprite.bmp.

-Load the new car from DMA's page.

-Select all in the new car.

-Hit copy

-Select the original GTA car.

-Hit paste. (This performs the color remaps if necessary, and retains the

original "GTA" palette that was existing in the original sprite.bmp)

-Import into GTACars

Note: you cannot simply import your new image with a random palette into 8bit!

(24BIT)  [How to write a new sprite palette]

-Load the new car with ANY palette

-Resize to correct size.

-Save as 8bit BMP.

-Import into GTACars and hit "yes modify CLUT"

Note : Also check notes in this FAQ on correct transparency color, and ReMaps

How do I retain the original sprite palette in PhotoShop when I export and import?

I have a tip for anyone who has PhotoShop on how to keep the cars' colors as close as possible without screwing up the other pallets.

Open the .bmp file in PhotoShop


Save this color table (.ACT file)

Convert the image to 24 bit RGB (IMAGE> MODE>RGB)

Edit the file to your liking

Convert the file back to an Indexed Color (IMAGE>MODE>INDEXED COLOR)

Select "CUSTOM" for the pallet type (hit OK)

Load previous color scheme OR if you've made radical changes, try using the .ACT

colors located in the gtadata directory. This way you use the factory settings and

don't screw much up.

Is it possible to edit the colors?

Yes, IF you are editing the 24bit files. In general make sure you switch to RGB color mode to get all the colors, when you're finished editing convert your image to an 8bit palette then save. Import with GTACARS. Answer yes when it asks if you want to modify the CLUT.

Is there a way to exchange only a single sprite with other users?

Binpatch (available in several places) allows you to patch sprites into the files. This however doesn't currently work when deltas are edited. The best bet is to distribute the BMPs with a text file describing where to place the car with GTACars. This text file would usually include the style name, replaced sprite name, and car info settings.

When I load gangsta city I get ERROR 139.159 unable to place car type xx at (7,7,7).

You have deleted model xx. When the map calls out to the style to place that model, it can't find it because you've taken it out, causing this error.

If you change the ModelNumber of car sprites with GTACars, you must swap them but not delete them.